Ahem guys…

I don’t use this blog anymore. I’m now at inavis.tumblr.com

Ok so I know this blog is pretty much shut down

But I have a shit ton of followers here and I would really love if someone if they have one could get me an invite to Archive of Our Own. I would love you forever. Please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided to leave this blog as an archive.

Someone suggested just leaving this blog open as an archive and opening a new one which I did so I will no longer be using this blog. I am so much more than a band and I’m tired of that being all people want from me. If you want to follow me my new blog is here. If not it was nice knowing you.

So I’ve made a decision…

I’m deleting this tumblr. I’m really over it and I think it’s time to move on to other things. I’m tired of only being known as the girl who posts Beatle stuff I’m tired of people expecting that to be the only thing I do. I’m tired of people not appreciating the real me. I’m so much more than a Beatles blog and I think it’s time to get rid of it.

To try or not to try…

MyHogwarts is actually going to be testing when I’m awake this time and I’m debating on if I even want to try. I’m barely on pottermore and I’m not sure if I’d even have time to dedicate to all that rubbish. Plus I’m about to be 21 years old and I’m feeling like it’s time to stop being a child. Does that make sense? I can love Harry without joining these websites. Ugh so conflicted!